Honduras: A Trip 20 Years in the Making

{Originally posted April 13, 2015 @thethingaboutchange.wordpress.com}

I packed my bags on Friday night and began my journey Saturday morning.  It was spring break and I was to spend it, as spring breaks should be spent, in a warm place with one of my very best besties.  Jennifer and I have been friends for 20 years.  Since first grade and Ms. Pounds’s class.  Through the monkey bar years, the camp years, the giggles and basketball games and learning to drive years.  Well.  Through everything.  But.  We have never traveled together.  Unless you count spring break in high school.  But we don’t, because our parents planned and drove and really, we just rode along.  So.  This was the year.  Because I am finally in a place where I can afford it (and I finally have enough air miles to get there for cheap).  And I knew I had to go.  I mean, I lived in Honduras 7 years ago.  If my Spanish identity is from anywhere- it’s Honduras.  And Jennifer has been living there for 4 years.  It was time.

So my little carry-on, and my little crossbody purse, and my not so little green trekking backpack, and I took the subway to the train to the airport shuttle to the flight with only 1 layover to Tegucigalpa, Honduras for Spring Break.

{Waiting for the Subway}


{Where Clouds Grow}


{Baleada in the Airport for Lunch}

There is something very refreshing about returning to one’s second culture home.  Although weakly tied as Honduras was only my home for a short while- things like beans and eggs inside tortillas, and greetings in the dialect that I speak, are kind of like hugs from strangers.  Better than flower wreaths to greet me.


{Boarding Plane Number 2}



{Saturday Night Adventures to Fancy Hotels for Dinner}


{Easter Sunday}

Where I got to meet all of Jennifer’s people. And we wore matching sandals because we can.


{The Bus Ride}

Now.  Since this was a vacation- in the middle of a visit- we decided we HAD to go to the beach.  Hence- the 6 hour bus ride each way. DSC_4013

{A Random Picture Out the Front Bus Window}


{We are at the BEACH and We are Happy}

And not yet sun burnt.


{Infinity Pool}

Pools by beaches are nice.  Especially because you can hear the waves but not feel gritty from the sand.DSC_4029IMG_20150406_180032884

{Honduran Life}

The ride home was another 6 hours on the bus.  We had the windows open and the view was quite enjoyable.  But, after 6 hours everyone gets a little giggly. IMG_20150408_152413656 IMG_20150408_152534230 IMG_20150408_152548741 IMG_20150408_142421277IMG_20150408_174630912

{Airport Farewell}

And then I had to leave.  Long talks, sunburns, and miles later I had to return to the rainy north. IMG_20150409_104715812

I miss those Honduran beans and my Jennifer already.


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