Longwood Gardens: a Photo Essay

I’m still on the topic of fall break.  (I surely know how to use my vacation days well.)  Well, here we are at our final destination: Longwood Gardens.  I have heard of this place for some time now so it was about time to go.  Started as a Quaker home, turned forest, turned wealthy summer home, turned gardens, turned public nature spot, this destination encompasses beauty, wealth, history, and entertainment into an excellent Saturday afternoon destination.


My favorite was probably the conservatory.  I don’t think we even made it through the whole thing.

My friends, posing in front of the conservatory.
Us four have been friends for a little while now, and I like it.
The conservatory never ends.
Not just a lily pad.  A lily pad platter. *Not sturdy enough for food.
The orchid room.
Layers of green.


The summer home was turned into a museum for all to see the extravagant yet generous living du Ponts exemplified.

How’s that for a summer garage?
Expressions when someone touches the door and the alarm sounds.
This home has more than a patio, it has a conservatory as well!


Most of the history can be found in the house, but parts of the grounds felt particularly old and well loved, including the tree collection of the original owners.  (Trees, what a thing to collect!)

View from the Peirce- du Pont home.
Climbing trees.
A flower in du Pont’s oldest garden.


I know, I said the conservatory was my favorite, but I also really, really enjoyed the fountains.  They were timed and set to music.  We came back in the evening to see the longer production with lights.  Such a fun (end of) summer event!


Exploring the grounds and taking pictures of my friends is also fairly entertaining.  The windows in the tree house kind of blow my mind.

I don’t think she could do this pose again if she tried.


longwood gardens




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