The Thing About Change

Preface: This post is druther personal in nature. It’s not really about travel and it is about me. Bless your heart if you read the whole thing.

Body: Nearly seven years ago I started a blog by this title (The Thing about Change) because I was moving to the big city of New York for grad school on Labor Day weekend and I thought surely everyone in my Indiana world would want to track my New York life. A lot has happened in those seven years, but rather ironically (or whichever word best fits this situation), I am returning this year, also on Labor Day weekend. You see, I lived in Brooklyn for four years. Then I moved to Pennsylvania. Now, three years have passed and I’m moving back.

Back to Brooklyn. I have an apartment lined up a block from my old one. I have a job lined up, much closer than my last one. And, for now, I’m taking my car. We’ll see if the parking situation kills me or not. TBD.

What this means for you my reader, is that my origin of travel and thoughts about travel is changing. What this means for me, is a lot of processing about change. For a long time this was an idea, then a plan, but now, it’s reality. Stuff hits the fan kind of stuff. And I feel the change coming. But I confess that this move feels very different than the lasts. So far in life I have moved to new places. I have googled and daydreamed and imagined who I would become. But now I’m moving back. To something that has changed, but yet still holds a very real part of my identity. So it seems unknown, yet familiar.

It’s very hard for me to account for all this moving except to say that I am a very deliberate person. I make choices because they are what is best for me now and in the future that I can see. So, 3 years ago, the details in my life came together in this inexplicable direction to leave the city I loved, and now, they have rotated for me to return. As a follower of Christ I 100% believe that these details are not random and I give Him the credit for consistently providing me with housing and employment and peace even in these big changes.

I can honestly say that Pennsylvania has been good. Good for me. And good to me. I have grown to love the friends I have made here and the adventures we have had (there is something very special about finding peers to share hobbies and interests with). I have grown up, entered the new daring decade that is my 30s, and learned a lot about Mennonite culture in Lancaster, Pa.

Conclusion: I’m not doing a very good job at maintaining this travel blog, but this processing is a big reason why. I hope you will stay tuned as I have been doing some traveling and would love to share about it. But in the mean time, I’ll be moving and processing that some more. If you have any tips or words for the journey, please share! And five stars to you for reading this whole post!


2 responses to “The Thing About Change”

  1. Excited for you to follow your heart back to New York! Would love to come visit with your mom sometime!


    1. Thank you Charlotte! And you are very welcome to come!


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