This weekend marks 6 months since moving back to Brooklyn. On Saturday I posed a question on Instagram asking y’all to vote on what I should write about next, and ‘More New York’ got the most votes. So, here you go, as requested, more about New York.

My Thoughts on Becoming a Local Again:

When I lived here before I didn’t have a car and my commute was farther. This means, I spent over 12 hours a week in the subway system. My life in New York was exciting and normal and frustrating in the span of a week (and even an hour some days). Moving back with a car and finding a job that is closer has definitely changed my experience. When I lived here before I always said I lived in New York. Now I say that I live in Brooklyn. I think this means my world has become smaller, more focused. It definitely means that it’s more sustainable and I like that.

Another thing I like about living in Brooklyn is that adventure is nearby. Unlike my guests, who have to cram all of New York into a weekend with hour long train rides between, I get to savor it. The food, the museums, the shows, I don’t have to do it all at once.

What I’ve Been Savoring Lately:

  1. Street food. If you happen upon a street fair, DO get an arepa.

2. Hosting large groups. I hosted a passel of friends from PA. Our highlights were free food via a Netflix promotion in Little Italy, and getting rush tickets to ‘A Christmas Carole.’ Oh yeah, that’s another thing I like about New York, last minute tickets to amazing shows and random pop up events.

3. Hosting smaller groups, including but not limited to friends and family (including babies! yay!) What I liked about these were the people and that I didn’t have to work too hard to entertain my guests because there are so many options. Also, I like that New Yorker’s only have to pay ‘by donation’ prices to the MET, which happens to be my favorite art museum. Glad to be back in the museum sphere again.

4. Parts of my daily life. Like when I get parking quickly (praise the LORD!), this old church by my school, walking the reservoir by my house with friends, eating with friends, and little corners of my apartment that I have a crush on. Because this means my real life is full of good things, not just the vacation parts of my life.

Why You Should Visit Major Cities Multiple Times

  1. In my experience, I have about 4 layers of tours that I can do, depending on how many times my guests have been here. There is just forever more to do and the more you visit the more you see the ‘real New York.’ I’m not sure the first time even counts. Or rather, the first time it’s enough to say you saw it.
  2. When you really see a place for what it is, can you better empathize with the people who live there. This isn’t something you can get a grasp on in one weekend trip; it takes time. Personally, I think we all need to do a little more of this in order to overcome some of the political divides in our nation.
  3. It’s fun. Most of my visitors have said at some point, “Oh, it’s just so nice to get away.” This is not a petition for y’all to crash my apartment. I’m just saying, look around you. I think most people live within a day or weekend trip from some urban space that they haven’t fully taken advantage of. This is my challenge for you to do so.

2 responses to “Sixmonthiversary”

  1. Oh I am totally crashing your apartment after that post! Well that and cause I have already really wanted to.


    1. Ah, please do! 😁


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