Chronicles from Quarantine

Yes, I am in quarantine. Because while I was in Indiana it was added to NY’s mandatory quarantine list. And because I’m not above the law, so I’m observing it. The minimum $2000 fine if I’m caught it also pretty compelling. I’m half way through and I can honestly say, I think I’ll survive. It feels a lot like last April except that I can’t go on walks and I’m not working full-time.

On the plus side, I finally have time to do what the rest of the world did in April and catch up on little projects and hobbies. Welcome to Quarantine Chronicles. For this final week of quarantine I will be posting daily, to catch up on all the blogs I’ve been thinking of writing for the past year but haven’t made time for.

What to expect:

Monday- Travel Guide for the pacific northwest, based on my trip last summer that I never talked about.

Tuesday- Travel Guide for Toronto, also based on an undisclosed trip last summer.

Wednesday- Summary of my summer ‘travels’ 2020. It’s a lot of family, beware.

Thursday- What it was like going out in May in Brooklyn, post pandemic peak.

Friday- What Manhattan was like in May with the world shut down and no tourists!

I hope you join me for the ride!


2 responses to “Chronicles from Quarantine”

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