Upstate Escape

It only seems appropriate that my sister who owns an escape room was the person to bring me a little fall respite from the city. So, this travel hearted girl finally got to do the smallest bit of travel this year.

It was Columbus day weekend and fall had just begun. I wanted to see some foliage and leave the city while I could, so I persuaded my guests to abandon part of their itinerary for a few days and travel out. New Yorkers talk about going upstate all the time and now I finally get the hype.

We headed north and soon found the green fading into oranges and reds. We headed to West Mountain to ride the ski lift up and hike down. Word to the wise, don’t go 30 minutes before closing, it’s not fun to be rushed. Also, ski trails are rather steep to walk down…. but it was still fun.

Yes, obviously I have the cutest nephew. How would it be any other way?

From there we headed to Lake George for New England town vibes. We didn’t like where we ate, so I have no food recommendations for you, but it was still a visit worthy town.

We spent the night in a castle in Amsterdam, NY, because we could. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I spend money on things I wouldn’t normally because all my trips got canceled. Castle hotel rooms are definitely one of them.

Our destination on day two was John Boyd Thatcher State Park for a short hike and wild foliage views. It has a wide variety of trail lengths and stunning vistas. I highly recommend.

Our drive home included a stop at a local produce stand adjacent an apple orchard. Quintessentially essential, I’d say.

And that was it, my only trip for the entire year that required any amount of travel and exploring. Needless to say, I was thankful it could happen. The day my sister and co. left, Ohio was added back on the quarantine list.

This year has been a lot of ‘take what you can’ but I’d say, even on a good year, upstate New York in the fall is still worth visiting.


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