New Year, New Me

Three months ago I said I was taking a break for the holidays.  I promised to be back.  Well, here I am!  My Christmas break included time spent in the places I call home- Indiana, New York, and Pennsylvania.  It was marvelous and chilly and I considered, for a time, not returning to the bloggisphere.  You see, in the 12 months since starting this blog, this is my 52nd post.  As I haven’t posted in the past 3 months, that means I was doing a lot of writing in the first 9 months.  So I wasn’t sure I still had anything to say.


But the break was good.  I’ve been thinking about my pañuelo world.  What it is and what I want it to be.

The trick is, as my bio states, I’m not a full time traveler.  That means, it’s pretty much impossible to be a full time travel blogger.  But I do love to travel and I do love to talk about travel.  Also, right now it seems that 30% of my Instagram feed is traveling to really cool places, like Costa Rica and Singapore and Hawaii and Thailand, and seeing all their posts makes me want to travel even more!  So the blog lives on, inspired by the fact that I just can’t shake this travel bug and my only current coping mechanism is to talk about it.

Well, to be fair, I am going to Florida next week to visit my family.  And I have this one big trip floating in my dreams for August.  But really, I’m not traveling.

My latest trip- falling down these stairs at a cabin weekend.  Does it count?  I didn’t have any luggage.

So, what do we do when we aren’t traveling and we don’t have any travel plans?

1. We find hobbies.

Right now mine is eating out and watching foreign TV shows on Netflix.  When I can’t be in new places, I bring what I can of them to me.

2. We find projects to invest in.

Currently I’m in the middle of knitting a hat for my roommate, making a photo book online, and turning my dad’s analogue home videos into digital files (a never ending process).

3. We make different goals.

Right now, my goals are to 1. go to the gym more regularly, 2. read through the Bible this year. 3. save up enough money to take that trip this August.

The cutest nephew in the world and even he’s going places.

So, to summarize, I’ve decided that I still love travel blogging enough to maintain a travel blog even when I’m not traveling.  Up next, still more countries I haven’t posted about and more thoughts on travel, although less frequently than before.

You tell me, what do you do when you aren’t traveling?



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